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| November 13, 2013 | 11 Comments

UPDATE: This is a repost of an earlier blog looking for CRM recommendations. I’m reposting to see if any new solutions should be on my radar.


I’d like your help selecting a CRM solution to promote to my clients and audience — I’d like to affiliate with a CRM provider.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Hosted solution
  • Built with B2B complex sales environments in mind
  • Easy to customize around a sales process
  • Subscription-based plan with no long term commitment
  • Easy to export data should a user decided in the future to move to another platform

These requirements are basic so, it shouldn’t eliminate many solutions on the surface. But it’s the requirements I’ll use to evaluate each solution you recommend.

There’s one more thing I’m looking for — I’d like the solution to be something you believe too many people overlook. I’d like to promote a solution from a solid company that’s not as widely used or promoted as you feel it should be.

You can drop your recommendation into the comments below or send me a message. If your recommendation is a solution you make or sell — no worries.

I’ll evaluate all of the solutions you recommend and let you know in a future post which one I chose and why. I won’t bad-mouth any solution I don’t choose.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Dave J. says:

    I recently took a decent look at Zoho CRM, and looks a lot more B2B worthy than others I’ve seen. And they have an affiliate program.

    • Jim Logan says:

      Thanks Dave! I’m familiar with Zoho and believe it’s a fine product — a couple of my clients use it.

      So, why not end the discussion there???

      While I like Zoho, I’m sure there are many fine solutions out there I’m unaware of — I’m hoping this process opens my eyes to CRM platforms I’m unaware of.

      Zoho will be considered and in some ways used as a baseline to compare others due to my experience with it. Zoho’s on the list!

  2. Jim Logan says:

    To hold my notes in one place…I’ll give Simple CRM a test drive:

    A recommendation from twitter.

  3. Jim Logan says:

    Add another one to the list via twitter reply: WORKetc

  4. Dave J. says:

    Here are a couple more I’ve found worthy of consideration:, a full-service CRM like Zoho, SugarCRM, but Open Source. It is currently my pick for our future needs. is ‘gamified’, social. is another open-source “enterprise-level” CRM they reference as ‘groupware’.

    • Jim Logan says:

      Awesome! Thanks for all you’ve listed!

      I’ll give them all a careful look, especially Vtiger — I remember looking at them a long time ago but can’t recall details.

      All the services you listed are greatly appreciated.

  5. susan walsh says:

    How about PRM instead of a CRM system. I offer a prospect relationship management system built in access and SQL. It has bells & whistles to upload, maintain and filter contacts easily. It is hosted by Sales-Link and offers an immediate link for users to send comments/requests back to our service bureau. We have used for the last 10 years 90% for ourselves when we are contracted by companies to do the work for them; but new is our service bureau/rental model. Easily uploads when ready for CRM upload. Let me know if you are interested to learn more. Susan 240 498 8499

  6. Brad says:

    I’ve been using Nimble CRM for a couple years now and believe it will meet the needs you list. What I like about it most (in addition to the basic CRM capabilities) is the connection to social media. I can look to see what my contacts are doing on social sites, see their Tweets, visit their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, directly in a stream on Nimble. Helps a lot with that pre-meeting research we all do. Definitely worth a look

  7. Kevin Chau says:

    I’m not typically one to do this, but since you asked in the article I couldn’t resist. I’m part of the team behind Stride (, a dead simple sales tracking and CRM tool for small businesses.

    It’s a huge hit with agencies and freelancers, but can be used by a much broader set of folks in the small business world. I think you all will really like it.

    - Kevin

    • Jim Logan says:

      Really glad you did! Thanks…

      I love your tagline: Track Your Sales. Close More Deals.

      Both touch on the reason people would like to buy your solution. Awesome!

  8. Andy Bland says:

    No matter which system you go for, make sure you define a measurable post installation benefits management programme to ensure a profitable return on your investment

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