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You can sell more - faster by leveraging the story of your business, exercising the power of effective communication, and developing critical selling skills.

While there are no secrets to sales success and no one can guarantee future sales, there is a formula proven to attract target audiences, improve the quality of your forecast, and increase the likelihood of selling more – faster.

The simple formula is leveraging the story of your business, turning that story into compelling communications, and honing a core set of selling skills to make the most of your sales opportunities as they surface.

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The core story of your business talks about the things you do for your customers, as opposed to the things you do. It’s told in the worldview of your target audience.


It’s not enough to have a story, you need to tell it through every message and interaction – marketing and sales materials, website, social media, and live conversations.


Different than sales tactics, there are a number of critical selling skills that directly result in greater close ratios, shorter sales cycles, and less reliance on discounts to win new customers.

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